If I am elected in 2018 to the Michigan Senate, I will concentrate on these five issues:

  1. 1.Education results in Michigan have declined under Republican control for the last 8 years. Republican officials have promised better results and education to get elected and then provided minimum funding and oversight while Michigan students’ test scores declined.  Michigan results are now down near the bottom of the 50 states.

  2. 2.Michigan’s biggest drug problem is alcohol.  I propose that we tax the producers of alcohol to compensate taxpayers for the social cost of alcohol.  The income tax can be decreased by the legislature to offset any tax increase.  The tobacco industry was taxed to offset the cost of tobacco-related illness and billions of dollars were used to compensate taxpayers for smoking-related illnesses.

  3. 3.I will fight to include sexual orientation to the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act.  Currently, it is legal to fire an employee or to deny housing to a person because of their sexual orientation.  Discrimination against our LGBTQ citizens should be illegal and Republicans have fought for and want to keep the discrimination legal.  If you will not stand up for your own family member, who will you stand up for?

  4. 4.I will stop forcing taxpayers to pay for other people’s children.  The taxpayer is rewarding irresponsible family decisions with large taxpayer funded benefits.  I have a plan that includes long-term reversible birth control and to end living off the taxpayer.

  5. 5.I will fix the roads with money raised through a tax on the people who use the roads, until the roads are fixed.  The legislature and /or a statewide ballot issue will be my guide.

Lorence Wenke’s Proposal for a State of Michigan Birth Control Policy

Together we must solve the problem of children being born to parents who have no financial ability to pay for the expenses associated with bringing these children into the world and no ability or financial resources to provide for them or raise them after they arrive.   The term “generational poverty” correctly labels the problem before us.  Society will continue to be faced with generations of people who require taxpayer support from conception on.  Rampant poverty affects our communities on many levels – including education, crime, housing, healthcare and employment.  We are in danger of being overwhelmed by the number of individuals and families living in poverty due to irresponsible behavior.

Today, we enable irresponsible reproductive behavior with taxpayer benefits that increase with each child.  We can continue to fund this pattern or we can address the issue openly and talk about solutions.

I propose the following solution.

Funded by the state of Michigan, each citizen is entitled to receive free birth control for as long as they choose to accept it.  After this program begins, there will be a one year window with no changes to subsidizing benefits to parents and their children.  One year after the free birth control program begins, our state policy changes from generous benefits to no benefits. Taxpayers will not provide financial support for any new baby regardless of circumstances. Parents of children born prior to the twelve month ending date will see their benefits continue under the old policy. Parents who are unable to support and care for children conceived after the 12 month period will be held to the same standards that Michigan now uses for placing children in foster care or for adoption.

From an economic viewpoint, the cost of providing birth control is much less than the cost of support from birth to adulthood and beyond.  Poor children usually become poor adults

Today 40% of all children are born outside of marriage and 60% of these births are unplanned.  Long-acting reversible contraceptives (known as LARCs which include implants and IUDs are available. The message from taxpayers needs to be clear: Do not become pregnant until you and your partner are ready to be parents and financially prepared to take on the responsibility.

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